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  • Royal traditions
  • Seaside living
  • Intriguing fairytales
  • World class pop music
  • Untainted nature
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Sweden: Eurovision Song Contest 2013 in few weeks!

Sweden: Eurovision Song Contest 2013 in few weeks!

Malmö will be the host for the 2013 event at the Malmö Arena. The first semi-final is on 14th May, the second semi-final on 16th May and the final on 18th May.

In last spring, Loreen was Sweden’s 5th winner of the Eurovision Song Contest - ABBA in 1974, Herreys in 1984, Carola in 1991, Charlotte Nilsson in 1999 and Loreen in 2012. In May 2013, Malmö is in spotlight of all Eurovision fans.

Malmö is located in southern Sweden, in the famous province of Skåne. The city is part of the expanding Öresund region and is joined to Copenhagen in Denmark by the mighty, arching Öresund bridge.