Elena Kuryleva
Elena Kuryleva

Russia in a nutshell:

  • Occidental & oriental
  • Country of contrasts
  • Famed cultural life
  • Winter adventure
  • Unique experiences
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Marina ErmakovaTour Operator+7 495 9504825marina_ermakova_viahansa
Anna MarkelovaTour Operator+7 495 9504825anna_markelova_viahansa
Anna ZakharenkoTour Operator+7 495 9504825anna_zakharenko_viahansa_borealis
Tatiana PiarutskayaChief Accountant+7 495 9504825tatiana_piarutskaya_viahansa
Central e-mail  'moscow[at]viahansa.com'
Elena KurylevaGeneral Manager Russia+7 495 9504825elena_kuryleva_viahansa
Marina LychnovaDeputy Director+7 495 9504825marina_lychnova_viahansa



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Positiontelephone numberskype
Darya StrelkovaTour Operator+7 812 3850326darya_strelkova_viahansa

Anna Shenderovskaya

Tour Operator+7 812 3850326anna_shenderovskaya_viahansa
Olesya KhazbulinaTour Operator+7 812 3850326olesya_leonenko_viahansa

Antonina Gitinasukhmaeva

Accountant+7 812 3850326antonina_gitinasukhmaeva_viahansa
Elena KuznetsovaChief Accountant+7 812 3850326elena_kuznetsova_viahansa
Elina SalakhovaOffice Manager+7 812 3850326 
Central e-mail  'st.petersburg[at]viahansa.com'
Vera BelyavskayaManaging Director+7 812 3850326vera_belyavskaya_viahansa
Natalia VinogradovaDeputy Director+7 812 3850326natalia_vinogradova_viahansa