Anna Dziugiel
Anna Dziugiel

Poland in a nutshell:

  • Warsaw – the Polish Phoenix
  • Country full of music
  • Great value
  • Warm polish hospitality  
  • Rich world heritage
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Visit Gdansk in Winter!

Visit Gdansk in Winter!

Gdansk is the city general visited by tourist in the summer time, however we invite You visit this fabulous city in Winter. The city covered with snow does not lose anything from its charm, on the contrary, it gives You the possibility to discover another face of Gdansk, also interesting and surprising. When visiting the city in winter You will avoid the tourist crowd and have a full offer of good quality hotels for special rates. The main attractions of the city are: The Main City (Glowne Miasto), the Old City (Stare Miasto), Wrzeszcz, Oliwa, Sobieszewska Island and many more. Each of those places hides stories that are worth knowing. In the very heart of Gdansk - the Main City – it is worth visiting the middle-class interiors of the Uphagen House, Artus Court or the Old City Hall. The Royal Road (Droga Krolewska) leads through chapters of history of the High Gate (Brama Wyżynna) and the Fore Gate (Przedbramie) with the Torture House, through the Golden Gate (Zlota Brama), up to the Green Gate (Zielona Brama) at the Motlawa River. We guarantee that the stay in Gdansk will leave  You with unforgettable memories for a long time. Go ahead then and visit Gdansk in winter!