Uyanga Davaanyam
Uyanga Davaanyam

Mongolia in a nutshell:

  • Unique cultural heritage
  • Long-lasting traditions
  • Spectacular landscapes
  • Authentic nomadic culture
  • Catching up with modernity
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New Mongolian Natural History Museum

New Mongolian Natural History Museum

Historically, the firs Mongolian Museum was established in 1924 namely National Museum, and later it was renamed as Country Study Museum in 1940-1941.

The following years the current Museum was built and had been operational as the Central Museum om Mongolia during 1953-1991, and since 1992 it was ranamed under Mongalian Natural History Museum. The Museum collections comprise over 10 thousand exhibits, whereas only 45% were displayed for constant public view and have atracted over 80 thousand visitors per year.

A new building for the Mongolian Natural History Museum is expected to be in service by 2016. The current museum building was closed in 2013.