Uyanga Davaanyam
Uyanga Davaanyam

Mongolia in a nutshell:

  • Unique cultural heritage
  • Long-lasting traditions
  • Spectacular landscapes
  • Authentic nomadic culture
  • Catching up with modernity
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Mongolia in Winter: Huvsgul Lake

Mongolia in Winter: Huvsgul Lake

Wondering where to go to your next winter adventure? We are suggesting you to visit Mongolia, the beautiful Lake Huvsgul – so called the Blue Pearl of Mongolia. And it  may sound quite extreme - it must be freezing cold out there! The pristine Lake Huvsgul is 2 million years old, and makes up to 1% of the world’s total fresh water reserve. The Huvsgul stretches for 136km in the Alpine-like mountains, and the deepest point of the lake is 262m. The Huvsgul region itself is a home to the Tsaatan – Reindeer Herders of Mongolia, an ethnic group famous for their distinctive lifestyle based on keeping reindeers in the depth of the Taiga.