Jurgita Slizyte
Jurgita Slizyte

Lithuania in a nutshell:

  • Vilnius – the Jewel of Baroque
  • Amber Coast
  • Bohemian and charming
  • Champion of culture
  • Basketball as religion
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Miracles start coming true at the Gate of Dawn

Miracles start coming true at the Gate of Dawn

The Gate of Dawn in Vilnius is famous all over the world for two reasons, primarily because of the miraculous icon of the Blessed Virgin Mary, exhibited in the chapel of the Gate of Dawn. Secondly – they say that sacred powers work wonders in this place. There are many stories about the Gate healing the sick, and punishing villains. Visit the Gate of Dawn, and ask for your miracle.

The Gate of Dawn was built in the most dangerous and most often attacked area of Vilnius. In 1799, the army of the Russian Empire destroyed the defensive wall of Vilnius but left the Gate of Dawn intact. It is believed that they were fearful of destroying the tenement of the sacred icon.