Ilze Sproge
Ilze Sproge

Latvia in a nutshell:

  • Riga – the New Baltic Metropolis
  • Architectural kaleidoscopes
  • Green and clean
  • Cultural diversity
  • Baltic Sea & sandy beaches
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Riga, the European Capital of Culture Year started now!

Riga, the European Capital of Culture Year started now!

Riga will inaugurate the year of the European Capital of Culture with several exhibitions from 16.01.-19.01.2014, special actions and events in different venues around the town offered to the widest possible audience, which will highlight and evoke the promises of the entire year and the content of its program awaiting the public.

“Rīga 2014” programme tasting: Visitors will have the chance to experience the atmosphere of each of the European Culture Capital thematic lines, as well as the traditional market selection at the Riga Central market and the Riga International Coach Terminal.

Chain of Booklovers will take place 18.01.2014 every citizen and every guest of the state is invited to participate in a living chain of people affirming cultural values, their preservation and passing over to the next generations. The chain of people passing books by hand from the historic National Library of Latvia to their new home in the Castle of Light will affirm the system of values upheld in Latvia and its capital.