Ilze Sproge
Ilze Sproge

Latvia in a nutshell:

  • Riga – the New Baltic Metropolis
  • Architectural kaleidoscopes
  • Green and clean
  • Cultural diversity
  • Baltic Sea & sandy beaches
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As the qualifying tournament for EURO2016 is well underway, Via Hansa DMC recently had a busy weekend handling large arrangements in connection with the qualifiers. Via Hansa DMC Riga was responsible for arrangements for almost 500 guests in connection with the Latvia-Netherlands fixture in Riga, including the arrangements for the Dutch national squad itself. At the same time, Via Hansa DMC Vilnius was making arrangements for a similar amount of sponsors, supporters and mass media in Vilnius for the Lithuania–Switzerland qualifier in Vilnius. While the Baltic hospitality and the work of Via Hansa DMC was flawless and praised by the customers, the same can, sadly, not be said about the performance of the Baltic national football team as both Latvia and Lithuania suffered defeats to stronger teams. Via Hansa DMC was also responsible for smaller contingents of Austrians supporters in Moscow and Spanish supporters in Minsk. Via Hansa DMC has a vast expertise in handling arrangements in connection with football matches and we will be happy to offer our services for the next qualifiers for the EURO2016 and for the matches of the Champions’ League and the European League at our destinations. For more information and inquiries, please contact