Ilze Sproge
Ilze Sproge

Latvia in a nutshell:

  • Riga – the New Baltic Metropolis
  • Architectural kaleidoscopes
  • Green and clean
  • Cultural diversity
  • Baltic Sea & sandy beaches
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While Lithuania has celebrated centennial anniversary on the 16th of February and Estonia on the 24th of February, we are looking forward to the celebrations of centennial anniversary of Latvia on 18th of November. All three Baltic countries celebrate the regained freedom and independence with various events taking place throughout the year. The main highlights include the National Song festivals taking place in summer – 30.06-07.07.2018 in Riga, 30.07-06.08.2018 in Vilnius- as well as Great Summer Week in Estonia with huge sing-along event “The Power of Song” on 19th of August in Tallinn. For more information about the celebrations, please contact Via Hansa & Borealis office in Riga.