Germany in a nutshell:

  • Gateway to all of Europe
  • Hearty national cuisine
  • Efficiency and organization
  • Urban and rural
  • Great classical music heritage
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Wagner Reloaded

Wagner Reloaded

On 5 and 6 July 2013 there is an opportunity to see the breathtaking spectacle 'Wagner_reloaded' at Leipzig Arena. Celebrating 200 years since the birth of Richard Wagner, this sensational crossover show features the rock band Apocalyptica and numerous acrobats and dancers. It promises to be a memorable evening and an event not to be missed!
While in Leipzig, fans of classical music might want to enjoy a concert by the eminent St. Thomas choir – once under the charge of Johann Sebastian Bach – which are given three times a week at the Church of St. Thomas. A guided tour focused on the peaceful revolution of 1989 also offers interesting insights into the city's colourful history.