Finland in a nutshell:

  • Winter wonderland
  • Unbeatable shopping
  • Four season attractions
  • Home of Santa and Angry Birds
  • Original sauna traditions
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Karelia the land of white nights, where cultures meet

Karelia the land of white nights, where cultures meet

Karelia - the beautiful land of white nights, boundless forests and blue lakes.
Karelia is situated in the north-eastern part of Europe, divided between Finland and Russia, between the Baltic Sea and the White Sea, on the border of Western and Eastern Europe, at the crossroads of cultures and religions. This boundary line, the
influence area of the Finns and the Russians, was for hundreds of years, driven repeatedly into East and West, sometimes at vast distances, always as a result of wars.

At the same time a peaceful coexistence of different ethnic groups, languages, cultures,
and religions exists within the population, since time immemorial. Karelia is, however, still rather one historical and cultural region than a political unit.

We send herewith some programs for Karelia, which have much more to offer than just a beautiful landscape.

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