Kylli Karing
Kylli Karing

Estonia in a nutshell:

  • Tallinn – Medieval treasure
  • Cutting-edge
  • Unspoilt nature
  • Small and cosy
  • Nordic “with a twist
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Resort Pärnu - 175 years

Resort Pärnu - 175 years

This year, the Pärnu resort celebrates its 175th anniversary. In the 19th century Pärnu became a health resort, in the 20th century the summer capital of Estonia, and in the 21st century an experience resort along the Baltic Sea. In June 1838, a resort in Pärnu was opened for its first guests. Heated seawater baths and sea bathing opportunities were offered in summer while the establishment operated a sauna in winter. The jubilee year entails activities aimed at preserving and restoring health, as well as events refreshing the soul. The local catering establishments have been involved resort menus, supplemented by tips from nutrition specialists. Special offers are made also by the city’s sports centres and clubs. Within the framework of the resort year, the facilities of the Pärnu city environment for all-year-round sporting are highlighted more vividly, including the health tracks, the beach area as well as the parks.