Marcella Infantino
Marcella Infantino

Denmark in a nutshell:

  • Wonderful Copenhagen
  • Green and happy living
  • Fairy-tale castles and manors
  • Refined Scandinavian cuisine
  • Incredible Danish design
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The Tall Ships Races 2013 – Denmark, Finland, Latvia, Poland

The Tall Ships Races 2013 – Denmark, Finland, Latvia, Poland

This summer the citizens and guests of Aarhus, Helsinki, Riga and Szczecin will have a unique opportunity to witness impressive event “The Tall Ships Races 2013” – held on July 4-7 in Aarhus, July 17-20 in Helsinki, July 25-28 in Riga and August 3-6 in Szczecin.

This is one of the most spectacular sport events, in which 120 Tall Ships and young people from more than 30 states are predicted to participate. Tall Ships will wait for visitors for the first three days of the exhibition, and on the final day of this outstanding yacht regatta people will enjoy Parade of Sail. During the Tall Ships fleet exhibition, the hosting cities are making it a festive and colourful event and a great city celebration for everyone taking part, surprising people with fireworks and various concerts.