Marcella Infantino
Marcella Infantino

Denmark in a nutshell:

  • Wonderful Copenhagen
  • Green and happy living
  • Fairy-tale castles and manors
  • Refined Scandinavian cuisine
  • Incredible Danish design
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Copenhagen is one of the only cities in Europe where the harbour water is clean enough to swim. The city has arranged three popular harbour bathing zones – a new type of city-beach for people to swim, sunbathe and cool off on hot summer days. Over the last decade, the harbour bathing areas have also become popular with tourists. Since 2006, Copenhagen Swim/Christiansborg Rundt has welcomed 16,000 participants of all abilities who compete either as individuals or as part of a team. The 2km open-water swim through the canals of Copenhagen has a truly iconic course – around the Danish Parliament Buildings (Christiansborg). Where else in the world can you swim around the Parliament? For more information and travel arrangements, please contact the Via Hansa & Borealis office in Copenhagen