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  • Undiscovered mystery
  • Rich in architecture
  • Diverse outdoor activities
  • Astonishing landscapes
  • Vibrant cultural life
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Museums block is being created in Vitebsk

Museums block is being created in Vitebsk

In 2013 the process of creation of museums block in Vitebsk will continue. The block will be located in the centre of the city. Three buildings, historic and architectural monuments, will be used for this purpose. Museum of History of Vitebsk national art college will be placed in one of the buildings, Juriy Pan’s museum and the third building will be used as the Marc Chagall art-centre.

The concept of the museum of Vitebsk art college, created by Marc Chagall and Kazimir Malevich has been already worked out. It’s known that the museum will contain Juriy Pan’s pictures from fund of Vitebsk regional local history museum.
Creation of museums block in the centre of the city with developed infrastructure will promote the attraction of guests, will create the necessary condition for the further development of tourism in this region.