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  • Undiscovered mystery
  • Rich in architecture
  • Diverse outdoor activities
  • Astonishing landscapes
  • Vibrant cultural life
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International Festival of Puppet Theaters

International Festival of Puppet Theaters

Guests of the 2014 IIHF World Championship will have the opportunity to see puppet theater performances during the 8th International Festival of Puppet Theaters which will be running in Minsk from 15 to 19 May.

The festival will open with the Hamlet production by the Mogilev regional puppet theater. The organizers of the forum promise that it will be a very special version of the classic work. The playbill also features such productions as Tartuffe (Gomel regional puppet theater), Montagues and Capulets (Bialystok puppet theater, Poland). All in all the festival will show 14 productions by theater companies from Italy, Israel, Poland, Ukraine, Russia and Belarus.

The festival will have a discussion club where not only theatrical critics but also everyone who wishes will be able to express their views.